Ad Watch: Tom Corbett’s Latest TV Ad Disregards Facts

Tom Corbett released his latest television ad this week and it should come as no surprise that Corbett decided to disregard the facts and simply use distorted claims.  Corbett’s past ads were described as “misleading,” “inconsistent,” and offered “no proof.”  A quick look at his latest claims show that they simply do not hold up to any scrutiny.

Claim: “He’s increased spending in the education department to $1.5 billion over what it was when he came into office.”

Fact: Tom Corbett cut education by $1 billion.  His cuts led to 20,000 educator lay-offs, 70 percent of school districts increased class sizes, and schools across the Commonwealth were forced to cut crucial extracurricular programs.  Corbett’s cuts to education will have repercussions for Pennsylvania’s children and future workforce for years to come.

Claim: “We’re also one of the top states in the country for what we spend per pupil on education.”

Fact: Information regarding per pupil spending from the Census, the standard for education statistics used by the National Center of Education Statistics, only goes back to the 2010-2011 school year, which is the last Governor Ed Rendell budget. Simply put, the data to determine state rankings of per pupil spending is not yet complete for the period of time after Corbett took office. Even an estimate from the National Education Association for the 2013-2014 school year doesn’t have Pennsylvania ranking in the top 10 states in per pupil spending.

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Who Does Tom Corbett Think He’s Fooling?

On more than one occasion, we’ve gotten a glimpse at Tom Corbett’s real worldview — like when he compared gay marriage to incest, said unemployed people wait around for their benefits to end or that they cannot get jobs because they cannot pass a drug test, or supported a state mandated ultrasound and told women who didn’t want to look at it to “just close your eyes.”
But for a man who served as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General for over six years and Governor for over three years, Tom Corbett claims to be pretty confused about a number of laws in the Commonwealth. 

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MEMO: Tom Corbett’s Affordable Care Act “Frustration” Is Entirely Political

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Marc Eisenstein, Communications Director
RE: Tom Corbett’s Affordable Care Act “Frustration” Is Entirely Political
DATE: April 4, 2014

Earlier this week, Tom Corbett publicly stated that he was frustrated and nearing his “breaking point” over the Obama Administration’s decision process of whether to accept Corbettcare or not.  This should come as no surprise as his re-election campaign and his Pennsylvania Republican Party have attacked the Affordable Care Act time after time after time over the past several weeks.  Tom Corbett made the main thrust of his plan a work requirement – a provision that no other state included in their proposals to traditionally expand Medicaid. Corbettcare has been rightly criticized – his plan was described and as illegal and unlawful and it “would be an unprecedented change in the safety net structure.”  Tom Corbett’s decision to forgo a full Medicaid expansion and instead propose Corbettcare has been political from the start.  Tom Corbett decided to make outright opposition to the Affordable Care Act one of the main tenets of his re-election campaign and there was simply no way he could allow the law’s full implementation in Pennsylvania.

Take a look at some examples of Corbett’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act dating back to his time as Attorney General:

March 2010: “Attorney General Tom Corbett has joined attorneys general from 12 other states in filing a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform legislation, signed into law Tuesday by President Obama.” [Morning Call, 3/23/10]

March 2011: Tom Corbett said, “the law threatens every citizen’s civil liberties well beyond the issue of health care.” [Patriot-News, 3/23/11]

March 2011: Tom Corbett testified at a Congressional hearing, “one year after passage of President Obama’s health care law, I disagree with that this law is the right avenue to reach affordable and sustainable health care.” [Department of Aging Press Release, 3/30/11]

June 2012: Tom Corbett called the Affordable Care Act, “a burden to all of us,” and that his “administration will do what we can to ensure that the negative impact of the law affects the lives of Pennsylvanians as little as possible.” [Tom Corbett Press Release, 6/28/12; Patriot-News, 6/28/12]

February 2013: “Calling it ‘financially unsustainable’ for Pennsylvania taxpayers, Gov. Tom Corbett said he couldn’t recommend a dramatic expansion in Medicaid.  Corbett used a portion of his budget address Tuesday to rail against the proposed expansion in Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act that would cover more Pennsylvanians.” [Pittsburgh Business-Times, 2/5/13]

February 2014: Corbett “said it still remained unclear, from a fiscal standpoint, if the health care law would be functioning in two years.  ‘There are a lot more unknowns than there are knowns,’ Corbett said.” [Associated Press, 2/23/14]

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Corbettcare Delay Costing Pennsylvania In Long And Short Term

Today, Tom Corbett is opening the Healthy Pennsylvania Public Health Summit in Harrisburg, while over 500,000 people in the Commonwealth are forced to go without health coverage as a result of Corbett’s failure to expand Medicaid. Instead, Corbett insisted upon trying to receive federal approval for a flawed and complicated plan, that if approved, would not go into effect until January 2015. By refusing to expand Medicaid, Pennsylvania is not only losing out in $1 billion in federal funds this year, but will also face long term financial burdens as the result of negative health effects from the lack of available preventative care and screenings.

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Hilarious April Fools Joke? Tom Corbett Raises Fees On PA Citizens

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn released the following statement regarding Tom Corbett’s fee increases:
"Today, the first of 150 fees and taxes in the transportation bill signed by Tom Corbett are being raised. Corbett must have hoped that voters would think this was a bad April Fools joke. After all, he did base his entire 2010 campaign off of not raising taxes or fees, ‘not now, not ever.’"
Check out Corbett in his own words:

WATCH: Corbett Promised Wouldn’t Raise Taxes. His Record Says Differently. 

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Corbett Ad Goes Up As His Reelection Chances Go Down

Today, The Fix named Tom Corbett the most vulnerable governor in the country for the 9th month in a row.
Here’s the entry:
1. Pennsylvania (R): Gov. Tom Corbett (R) is still the most vulnerable governor in the country. A recent Quinnipic poll showed voters said he doesn’t deserve reelection by 55-34 percent. Former state revenue secretary Tom Wolf has emerged as the Democratic frontrunner, and he led the incumbent 52-33 in the same poll. Ouch. (Previous ranking: 1)
It’s not a surprise. In fact, Tom Corbett doesn’t even seem to be shocked by his own grim reelection chances. That’s probably why he went up with a new ad today, which makes a total of 9 Corbett radio or television ads that have been aired. That’s some pretty hefty air time for an incumbent governor eight months out from a general election. But desperate times do call for desperate measures… 

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Pennsylvania GOP Rebrand Report

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the GOP’s so-called “Autopsy Report,” in which the Republican National Committee analyzed why Mitt Romney lost in 2012 and what steps the Republican Party must take to “rebrand” from its failed identity. For years, Republicans have stood against issues vital to women, African Americans, Latinos, the middle class, and the LGBT community, so it’s no surprise that the GOP Autopsy would recommend serious changes to how the Republican Party approached those communities.

But a year later, all the Republican Party has gotten is a year older. In Pennsylvania specifically, Republicans like Tom Corbett continue to oppose commonsense efforts to help working Pennsylvanians, like raising the minimum wage, while doubling down on offensive, out-of-touch rhetoric against growing constituencies in Pennsylvania, from women to Latinos to the LGBT community.

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SD-28 Election Results Hit Corbett Hard

Last night’s outcome in the special Senate election is bad news for Tom Corbett’s agenda and for every Republican who’s part of Tom Corbett’s Harrisburg.  Scott Wagner’s success in SD-28 is proof that Pennsylvania Republicans up-and-down the ballot should be running as far away as possible from Tom Corbett in elections this year. Scott Wagner has been a vocal opponent of Tom Corbett, writing, “Tom Corbett is not a leader.  Pennsylvania has a weak CEO in Tom Corbett.” The Republican establishment headed by Corbett is crumbling and fatal flaws within the party are being revealed.

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Petition Challenge Proves Corbett’s Nervous

Today, Tom Corbett supporters filed a petition challenge to knock Republican primary challenger Bob Guzzardi off the ballot. Corbett should be rightfully worried about holding his right wing base, but removing a challenger eager to hold him accountable for breaking his “no-tax” pledge will do nothing to boost his chances in the general election. This isn’t a surprise. Tom Corbett has always wanted voters to have less access and less choice when it comes to voting. This proves he’s afraid because as polls show, not even Republicans support his re-election. 

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